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自2009年以来, Union Wood Co has been handcrafting quality Canadian made furniture from sustainably harvested North American hardwood.

For us the mission is simple: design and build high-quality, meaningful furniture that brings people together. We create special pieces - especially dining tables & conference tables - that serve as a gathering place to bring family, friends and co-workers together for celebrations, 餐, 游戏, brainstorm sessions - and, 当然, a few drinks.

A client, and now friend, once said, “nice style, nice service.”
We’ve taken that on as a motto and it’s our guarantee to you.

Inspired By The Past

In the early days of Union Wood Co, we collected vintage goods and custom made furniture from reclaimed wood salvaged from industrial areas throughout British Columbia.

Though our style has modernized and our wood and other materials choices have changed, we still find inspiration from the good ole’ days. 

We have respect for the times when furniture was only built by made to order furniture specialists who utilized trusted construction techniques passed down from generations. Everything these people made was built to serve a purpose, and serve it well. The wood tables, chairs, storage and all furniture was built to last.

Unlike other furniture companies who mass produce unsustainable furniture a world away, our focus is to build you locally handcrafted furniture that has been meticulously constructed from FSC certified wood by the hands of our skilled team of trades people.


Our Founder

Possibly born in the wrong era, Craig has always been drawn to the lore of well-crafted goods and the nostalgia of a simpler time.

With a steadfast passion for making, Craig continues to weave a natural thread of building throughout his life by creating items that revolve around a central theme - to build things with a timeless purpose.  What inspires him is not just the finished product for delivery, but the story and experience that item will offer to the lives of the client with the passing of time.

Craig started Union Wood Co in 2009 to bring high quality hand-crafted Canadian furniture into the homes and businesses of good people.  With a nod to the past and penchant for the future, he continues to have a hand in creating meaningful objects.



Production Manager

Raises queen bees in his East Van backyard.


Lead 木工

Strong advocate for burritos being sleeping bags for ground beef.



Classically trained pastry chef that gave up gluten for sawdust.


Junior 木工

Once shared a pint of ice cream with an alien. It was chocolate.

Sustainability for Wood Furniture

We've partnered with Blue Green Planet Project to reduce our environmental impact. Every year a percentage of our sales goes towards reforesting Canada.




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